Have you inspected your Fire Truck tires lately? Are they older than 7 years?

August 25, 2017

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 2017 edition Section 8.3.6 – states the following “Tires shall be replaced at least every 7 years or more frequently when the tread wear exceeds state or federal standards as determined by measuring with a tread depth gauge.” 


Is it time to include this in your documentation?  You are documenting your apparatus inspections, aren’t you? NFPA section 7.4 Documentation – 7.4.1 “A record of the visual and operational check sheet shall be kept.


The safety of your firefighters and the motoring public are at risk if you fail to inspect and document.


Are there other viewpoints about 7-year tire replacement? Sure are! NFPA Community 


I was asked by my local tire shop about this “7-year replacement on fire trucks”.  I was unaware of any and reached out to my contact @ MN State Patrol CVI.  Nope, they too have no knowledge.  And why? Because as of now, no Federal or State Laws regulate the “7-year replacement”.


Ready to move from that time waste paper inspection forms? 
Digital Transformation, its time!



Special thanks to – (credit) Tom Jenson, Code Specialist, MN State Fire Marshal Division, MN DPS for his contribution to Minnesota State Fire Chiefs Association, August 2017 Newsletter.  Tom's article - page 3 


And Chief Don Smiley, Little Canada Fire Department for keeping our local tire shops informed of this NFPA Codes & Standards.


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