Systems - A Must Have!

July 16, 2016

JOTS and Canvas can help you and your company implement “systems” for efficient work flow, easy to follow process and clear documentation.



Every business can use the process of “systems”.  These systems give your employees proper guidance, expectations and accountability.  Systems must not be complicated, require substantial investment of your time or money.  And without systems in place for daily work or tasks, productivity falls and profit falls even further.


Having a system in place allows for ease of consistent replication of the task requested.  Generally there is no need for any advanced training – allow your system to guide the task to successful completion.


A well written check list of systems can help reduce the opportunity for errors or worse, “I did not know I needed to check that too.”


Let JOTS and Canvas help you and your company build “systems” into your electronic work flow.


Need more info on “Systems”?


Building Systems

Create Powerful Systems


What are systems? A system is a set of processes that can run without you. As your business grows, you’ll need to build systems and processes that can be automated as much as possible. You’ll need to build distribution systems, inventory systems, marketing systems, customer support systems, research and development systems, accounting and hiring systems, and many others.


Systems are rules, policies, and procedures that trained individuals can repeat as your company grows and run independent of you.


Here are some simple tips that can help you and your staff make systems work for you.


1.    Begin tomorrow with this phrase stuck in your head:  “Everything that I see in my business is actually a system.”


2.    Identify a good system in your business.  Something that you or someone else does that gets the result you want. If it’s not yet documented, document it!


3.    Find one hidden, unintentional system in your business – even if it’s small – and examine why it is yielding undesirable results. Think about how it could be changed to get the correct result. 


4.    Observe your staff as they do their work. If you see someone following a system, but not getting the desired result, remind them that they have the freedom to change the system in order to get the best possible result! Then make sure they capture those changes so the results can be repeated.

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