JOTS Scam Alert!

July 30, 2015

Please, please don’t be a victim of this telephone IT Scam – Scanner, “We found that your computer has become infected and your data is being stolen while we speak.”



This was the third call in the past week to JOTS Computer Services, Inc.


A constant reminders for Internet / PC security is a must for all users.  And yes, I have customers who have needed my services after such a call.


Here is a recording of that call - Thursday, July 30, 2015 when a scammer called JOTS Computer Services, Inc. I guess they did not know they called a Technology IT Shop –


At about 18:00 minutes into the call (of course after playing with the guy for a bit), the call comes to a sudden end – the nice scammer tells me this, “Shut your mouth asshole and just hang up the call, bitch bloody” and abruptly hangs up.


I guess I wasted his time – at least during that 20 minutes, he was not scamming someone else.


Stay safe


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